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Fall activities in Derry you will love


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Many people make a mistake when they are relocating. Not everything is about the relocation itself. Yes, that is the main and the principal part of it, that requires the majority of work. But once you come to your new home, you will realize there are things that matter more. For instance, how will you spend the time in your new place? Lucky for you, there are plenty of fall activities in Derry you will love. For sure, they will be a lot different than the ones you were doing each year over and over at your previous place. But worry not. This year, everything will be different. Once you find movers from Michael Brooks Moving, and you come to Derry, you can start planning. Prepare yourself to really feel the fall like you are supposed to.

Start planning your fall activities in Derry before the relocation

It is very important that you start with your plans before the relocation. Since you will move with the help of moving companies Derry NH can offer, you will have some of the time free which you can use for planning. Not many people realize this, but moving to a completely unknown place can be tricky from time to time. You move to the place you don’t know, without knowing anyone and without knowing what to do and where to go. To prevent this from happening, you should come a little bit prepared. For instance, you can make plans for the first weekend. This will also bring you the opportunity to meet locals and get some help on adding fall activities in Derry.

People walking on the street thinking of fall activities in Derry
There are plenty of fall activities in Derry, you just need to find them.

On your first weekend here, you can maybe take a casual evening walk around Derry and make a reservation to eat outside in some popular restaurants. For instance, you can check out T-BONES Great American Eatery, or something more local such as Mary Ann’s Diner. Soon enough you will realize that there are many farms in Derry and that lots of food are fresh and domestic. Why not try it out?

Since there are many farms, you should visit them all

You probably already know this since it is your choice to move here, but Derry is not just a city with buildings and skyscrapers. Instead, you have quite the opposite. A lot of farms around you. And one of the most popular farms and activities to do in Derry, especially during the fall season, is to visit the Robert Frost Farm. It is a farm where Frost used to live, and write. His children also grew up there. If you are a nature lover, you will be amazed while walking around this farm and seeing all the colorful leaves around you. It is definitely a movie-like experience of autumn which you don’t want to miss.

Another farm that is for sure worth visiting is the Carriage Shack Farm. But this one is not that much for nature, but animal lovers. Here, you will find lots of kinds of animals that you will be able to feed and pet. It is like a small zoo that can be really interesting and nice. Also, there is a J&F farm that is offering various activities for children as well. You shouldn’t wait any longer. Not many people have this opportunity. You should find the small moving companies NH has and get your movers on time to relocate here.

Person walking in the fall.
Just walking around and being surrounded by these beautiful colors will be enough!

Some of the best fall activities in Derry are related to culture and music

Once you move in here with the help of your interstate movers, you will realize one thing. Maybe Derry is not the place of skyscrapers, but it for sure is a city that loves good music and drama shows. You can find two, very beautiful theaters. The first one is the Tupelo Music Hall where you will have the opportunity to listen to some of the amazing both popular and unpopular music bands. The other place is the Stockbridge Theather that will offer you some amazing shows by the local people, mostly students, and from the other cities as well. 

Other than that, if you are someone who prefers things outdoors, there is an amazing historic site that you should visit in the fall, while the colors around are stunning. It is the Taylor Mill State Historic Site that is one of the most popular ones. Also, if you prefer it, fall is the perfect time to visit all of the breweries that Derry can offer you. And yes, there are quite a few. And while it’s still not that cold, make sure you visit the Grand View Farm Antique Flea Market. You will enjoy it, and you might find something you will love.

That is not all Derry can offer to you

First of all, if you thought that Derry can be boring and without any entertainment in the fall season, you were wrong. It is quite the opposite. There are plenty of happenings, festivals, and things going around in the autumn here. The majority of them are related to the harvesting season and Halloween. But there is something for everyone. It just depends on what you like. Make sure you keep yourself updated by following the schedules of the events. You can ask locals for help and where is the best place to keep yourself informed about these kinds of happenings.

Other than festivals and some parties, you can still have fun with the adrenalin running high here. One of their most popular activities in the fall season is the High 5 Ballooning. If you have ever wanted to fly in a huge balloon, now you have the opportunity. And it will be a life experience for your kids as well, not only for you. Also, there is a Mel’s Funway Park that can be your weekend escape. It is an amusement park with lots of things to offer.

Father and kid playing in the nature.
Use these fall activities to get closer to your loved ones.

Explore Derry before the move

Now, you know some of the fall activities in Derry that can amaze you in this beautiful place. But, is it enough? Probably not. You should explore everything about the Derry before your arrival. You can find out fun facts and information that can be really helpful. Maybe not right away, but at some point, you will need to know information about this place. It is your new home.


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