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Everything you need to know about Salem before moving there


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Just thinking of relocation can be uneasy for the mind. Whether you have unpleasant memories of experiencing hardship, or you’re young and insecure about what’s about to happen. However, it’s all manageable, which is why we’re here to encourage you and help you out. But first and foremost it can’t be done until your next destination is known. We present you with everything you need to know about Salem before moving there.  And if the beauty of this little suburban city matches your desires we recommend movers Salem NH for skillful and professional moving. Hiring them ensures a safe and easygoing relocation for a brand new start in life.

Basics of the city

Salem is a small suburban with a population of 30,098 as of the 2020 census. It is enlisted in several credible magazines and portals as one of the 50 best places to live in the US. It has a continental climate, with hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters, and a lot of rainfall. The entirety of New Hampshire is located in the easternmost time zone in the US, UTC-5, meaning you’ll be waking up 3 hours earlier than those in the westernmost part (excluding Alaska), and at least 4 hours later than Europe. It’s also very important to mention that the state of New Hampshire doesn’t include state sale tax.

The city is engulfed in forest

You will find yourself surrounded by forest as the city is established in the heart of mother nature. Moreover, the densest part of the suburban district all around isn’t even half of the city. A lot of exploring of the Salem Town Forest Trails is set to be done. The Salem Town Forest’s three hundred-plus acres of land will appeal to everyone who enjoys nature. Several pathways in the Salem Town Forest can accommodate hikers of all skill levels. The routes are also ideal for strolls, cycling, and horseback riding are just one of many exhibitions that can be done. Another highlight of the woodland is the opportunity to go hunting and fishing. It’s perfect for time off with family or friends. However, it should be noted that camping and maple sugar sap harvesting are two of the activities that require permission.

A man walking on a log thinkin about things to know about Salem before moving there
Before the relocation inform yourself of the law, and other things you should know about Salem before moving there

Everything you need to know about the lifestyle of Salem before moving

What’s special about this city is that it is the perfect balance of living a quiet and peaceful life, while also being surrounded by a friendly neighborhood. So if you have kids then such surrounding is ideal for kids of playful nature, as they have tendencies to improvise new activities with very little. And when we’re talking about sports Salem is almost exclusively for youth development, with a bunch of hardworking and dedicated youth academies around. As opposed to that it’s not the place for a passionate sports follower but also a professional sports career, that is unless traveling all that long road for some peace and quiet is worth it.

Try to reach out to people and start new friendships. Making so would make the most out of the city, more than any urban city could ever do. And if you’re a parent making friends is twice as likely for everyone. The area is quite versatile and has something for everyone. Regardless of your age, the flexibility of the city will surely reach out to you with variety to fulfill your day. Amusement parks, fishing locations, forest hikes, skating rinks, and the largest shopping mall in New Hampshire is just one of the reason to adore the city. So if we caught your interest by now, and you are interested consider appointing local movers Southern NH when the time comes.

A black and white picture of two kids hugging as they're walking
Fellowship is important, it will make your new life much easier

Other interesting sights and historical facts to keep you involved

Also, known as the Arlington Pond, you can try your hand at fishing at Arlington Mill Reservoir. This outdoor site offers not only fishing opportunities but also an opportunity for a niche photo section. As a warm-water fishery, this site is home to only a few species of fish, including smallmouth bass and bluegill. The reservoir has about 200 acres of space to explore and is open to the public at any time.

Know that Salem’s Canobie Lake Park is a must-see even before moving

Even more, a reason to bring the kids. This amusement park is the main attraction of the city and one of the places you should know about Salem before moving there. Built in 1902 as a way to connect the railway to the trolleys, the park became a hit in no time. It was the center of attention in the whole of Hampshire and the adjacent states. The hype has fallen off over time but it still to this date marks a significant part of the city’s history. Every sense of the word “amusement” is justified, the variety they have to offer makes it open for all generations:

  • rollercoasters
  • water slides
  • arcades
  • carnival games
  • gift shops
  • dining spaces
A glimpse of a ferris wheel in the blue sky
The city is meant for all ages

The city used to be part of Massachusetts

Many other unpredictable issues can come up during your relocation to Salem. So the assistance of a skillful set of professionals small moving companies NH knows how to prepare for unlikely situations. But did you know that Salem wasn’t always part of New Hampshire? Formerly knowns as “North Perish”. When the boundary line between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was determined in 1741, the “North Parish” of Methuen, Massachusetts, or “Methuen District,” became part of New Hampshire and was given the name “Salem.” 

The horse track will live on throughout history

Rockingham Park was a one-mile horse racing track in Salem. It was built in 1906 and was used as a weekend gambling place for many people. Rockingham Park permanently closed its doors on August 31, 2016, and was destroyed in the summer of 2017. It is being renovated as part of the Tuscan Village project. The Mall at Rockingham Park, the largest mall in northern New England, was built close to the racecourse in 1991. The track holds great significance to the history of the city. Another curious element of Salem’s tourism history is an archeological site of America’s Stonehenge, formerly known as “Mystery Hill.”

Now that we got to know everything about Salem, one more step awaits

As it could be seen, there’s nothing to not like if you essentially seek a less turbulent lifestyle. In the end, it is in the lifestyle, it is a great place to live for both the youth and adults. It would be uncharacteristic if your adventure to Salem starts nervously. So, hiring movers Southern NH for a better send-off and a warm welcome is strongly advised. They are always at your service to give you advice on everything you should know about Salem before moving there. If you have any doubts about the city, about its location, and especially about a thorough organization for relocation, contacting them makes a difference. Good luck!


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