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Discovering why millennials opt for New Hampshire


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In the pursuit of balance, affordability, and quality of life, millennials are increasingly looking towards the Granite State as their preferred place of residence. This exploration focuses on why millennials opt for New Hampshire, highlighting its rich attributes from cost-effectiveness to dynamic job opportunities. Whether you’re contemplating a move or seeking insights from a millennial’s perspective, this blog will provide comprehensive insights. And if you’re already planning a move, consider reaching out to southern New Hampshire movers to ease your transition. New Hampshire’s appeal extends far beyond its scenic beauty, as we shall delve into in the following sections.

Why the Granite State Appeals to Millennials

New Hampshire, known as the Granite State, offers a rewarding lifestyle that attracts millennials from all walks of life. Nestled among mountains, lakes, and seacoasts, it delivers a comfortable lifestyle along with several attractive features:

  • Affordability: Lower taxes, cost-effective housing, and an overall lower cost of living provide a financially beneficial environment for young adults.
  • Quality of Life: Safety, accessibility to outdoor recreational activities, and a sense of community contribute to an enriching lifestyle.
  • Job Opportunities: With a diverse job market spanning industries such as healthcare, education, and technology, employment prospects in New Hampshire are plentiful.
  • Work-Life Balance: Favorable work policies and an abundance of recreational activities promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: The state’s support for small businesses and startups make it an inviting locale for entrepreneurial millennials.
  • Education: Renowned for its public and private educational institutions, New Hampshire offers quality education from kindergarten through higher studies.
  • Cultural and Arts Scene: A wealth of museums, theaters, and festivals satisfy the cultural appetites of young adults living in the state.

Stretching Your Dollar Further in New Hampshire

When it comes to affordability, New Hampshire stands out among its peers. Its cost of living index is only 109.7, slightly above the US average of 100, but considerably lower than neighboring Massachusetts, with an index of 129.9. Taxation here is more lenient, with no state income tax or sales tax, giving your budget a boost. This lack of typical state-level taxes means millennials keep more of their earnings, contributing to a healthier financial status.

Notably, the median home value in New Hampshire is around $289,900, less than the Massachusetts median of $439,900. This difference in housing costs presents a significant saving for young adults setting up their homes. When considering monthly rental costs, New Hampshire again proves its affordability, with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center around $1,255, compared to $2,537 in Boston, Massachusetts.

a house in a peaceful suburb
Affordable housing is one of the reasons why millennials opt for New Hampshire.

Groceries, a daily necessity, also cost less in New Hampshire. The average price for a gallon of milk is about $3.37, cheaper than the $3.76 in Massachusetts. Simple savings like these add up over time, creating substantial long-term benefits.

One might argue that lower living costs equate to lower wages, but that isn’t necessarily the case in New Hampshire. While the median household income is slightly lower than in some neighboring states ($74,801 compared to $81,215 in Massachusetts), the significant reduction in living costs offsets the wage gap, offering millennials the opportunity to achieve financial stability and plan their future with more certainty.

Living well in New Hampshire: safety and outdoor allure

Quality of life is more than just a catchphrase in New Hampshire; it’s a tangible reality, manifested in the state’s commitment to safety and its unparalleled access to nature. When it comes to safety, the state consistently ranks high on the scale. The overall crime rate in New Hampshire is about 35% lower than the national average, which makes it one of the safest states in the country.

In particular, the city of Hopkinton stands out with a crime rate that is 62% lower than the state average. Similarly, Bedford, despite being one of the larger towns in the state, boasts a crime rate that is 57% lower than the state average. This emphasis on safety and security means that millennials can focus more on enjoying their lives and less on worrying about crime.

Equally enticing is New Hampshire’s nature access. With 93 state park properties, including beaches, campgrounds, historic sites, waysides, natural areas, a multitude of trails, and even a seashore, the state is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. You can go hiking in the White Mountains, home to 48 peaks above 4,000 feet. In winter, these mountains transform into a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Lakes are also a prominent feature of New Hampshire’s landscape. Lake Winnipesaukee, the largest, covers 71 square miles and offers a range of water activities. Even city dwellers have easy access to green spaces, with city parks and trails a common feature.

a woman thinking about why millennials opt for New Hampshire
Outdoor recreation is something you won’t miss if you move to New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s job market: a haven for millennial professionals

When considering a move, job opportunities play a vital role. Thankfully, New Hampshire offers a thriving job market, particularly for millennials. The state boasts an unemployment rate of just 2.9% (as of June 2023), lower than the national average of 3.6%.

In terms of industries, healthcare is the largest employer in the state, with over 89,000 jobs. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, for example, employs over 9,000 people alone. For those in the healthcare field, this presents myriad opportunities for professional growth and stability.

Technology is another rapidly growing sector in New Hampshire. The state has seen a 26.5% growth in tech jobs over the past five years, with around 3,000 tech businesses currently operating. Particularly, Manchester, often referred to as the “Silicon Millyard”, is becoming a significant tech hub, housing companies like DEKA Research and Oracle Dyn. Education and manufacturing also provide substantial employment. The University System of New Hampshire employs nearly 5,000 people, while manufacturers like BAE Systems add another 5,700 jobs.

Furthermore, New Hampshire is attracting remote workers with its work-friendly environment. The state ranked third in the U.S. for remote job friendliness in 2023, according to an analysis by the Remote Work Scorecard. This allows millennials to tap into national and global job markets while enjoying the benefits of living in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s commitment to quality education

Education is a cornerstone of life in New Hampshire, with the state boasting some of the highest-ranking public and private schools in the country. The state’s public schools consistently rank in the top ten nationally for both quality and safety, according to reports by the education-review website Niche. Bedford High School and Hopkinton Middle High School are particularly well-regarded, with their students’ average SAT scores being 1230 and 1210, respectively, both significantly above the national average of 1060. Private schools in New Hampshire also shine, with institutions like Phillips Exeter Academy and St. Paul’s School frequently listed among the nation’s best. These schools are renowned for their rigorous academics and extensive extracurricular programs.

For higher education, the state hosts respected institutions such as Dartmouth College, one of the eight Ivy League schools, known for its programs in medicine, business, and engineering. The University of New Hampshire is another prominent university, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

a woman reading about why millennials opt for New Hampshire
Ivy League education is one of the reasons millennials opt for New Hampshire.

Additionally, the Community College System of New Hampshire offers affordable two-year programs and serves as a springboard to four-year institutions. The seven community colleges across the state enroll over 26,000 students annually, illustrating the state’s dedication to accessible education.

Indulging in New Hampshire’s cultural and arts offerings

New Hampshire serves as a cultural feast for millennials with a wealth of museums, theaters, and festivals. The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, known for its European and American paintings, is a must-visit for art enthusiasts. For history buffs, the Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth offers a peek into the past with its historic buildings and exhibits.

The state’s theater scene is equally compelling, featuring venues like the Palace Theatre in Manchester and the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. They host a variety of performances, from Broadway shows to local productions. Festivals add another layer to New Hampshire’s cultural landscape. The annual Keene Pumpkin Festival features thousands of lit jack-o’-lanterns, while the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth attracts filmmakers from around the globe.

The best cities in New Hampshire for millennial living

Among New Hampshire’s appealing locations, several cities particularly resonate with millennials:

  • Manchester
  • Nashua
  • Londonderry
  • Southern New Hampshire
  • Pelham
  • Hollis

Manchester: a dynamic choice for millennials

As the largest city in New Hampshire, Manchester seamlessly merges urban amenities with New England charm. As the  movers Manchester NH offers can confirm, Manchester houses a population of around 112,000 residents, with millennials making up a significant portion. With a median home value of approximately $265,700, it is a more affordable option compared to other East Coast cities. Manchester’s thriving job market, particularly in sectors like healthcare and education, also appeals to young adults. The city hosts the Elliot Hospital and Southern New Hampshire University, two of the largest employers in the state.  Its arts scene is also commendable, featuring venues like the Currier Museum of Art and the Palace Theatre.

Nashua: a city offering convenience and calm

Positioned on the Massachusetts border, Nashua offers a unique blend of city comfort and suburban serenity. Its population is about 89,000, with many millennials drawn to its charm which movers Nahsua NH loves know well. The median home value in Nashua stands at approximately $290,000, demonstrating relative affordability for the region.

Nashua is home to a range of job opportunities. Key sectors include technology, manufacturing, and healthcare, with major employers such as BAE Systems and Southern New Hampshire Health contributing significantly to the local economy. For outdoor enthusiasts, Mine Falls Park provides a 325-acre green space in the heart of the city, offering walking trails, picnic spots, and boating opportunities. The city also hosts the annual Winter Holiday Stroll, a festive event that draws thousands.

a group of friends in a cafe
Millennials love living in Nashua.

Londonderry: a rural respite with modern amenities

For millennials craving a balance of rural tranquility and modern conveniences, Londonderry is an appealing choice. This southern New Hampshire town, with a population of approximately 25,000, offers a slower pace of life, just an hour’s drive from Boston. The median home price is around $370,000, reflecting its desirability and convenient location.

Despite its small size, Londonderry is famous for its apple orchards. The town hosts the annual Londonderry Apple Festival, which celebrates the local apple harvest and brings the community together. For outdoor enthusiasts, the Musquash Conservation Area offers miles of hiking trails, while Mack’s Apples provides a delightful venue for apple picking in the fall. Residents enjoy a robust community spirit in Londonderry, reflected in events like Old Home Day, a week-long summer celebration. It’s a community that the movers Londonderry NH residents love recommend, and one that offers a blend of rural beauty and modern amenities.

a man thinking about reasons millennials opt for New Hampshire
Londonderry is a favorite among millennials for numerous reasons.

Pelham: convenience and charm near the Massachusetts border

Pelham, with its population of around 13,000, presents a blend of small-town charm and close proximity to larger urban centers. Located on the Massachusetts border, Pelham offers an average commute time of just 30 minutes to Boston, making it ideal for millennials seeking jobs in the city while desiring a quieter living environment. The median home value here stands at approximately $329,000, which is quite competitive for the area.

Though small, Pelham offers its residents plenty to enjoy. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the trails of the Pelham State Forest or relax by Little Island Pond. For the golfers, the town offers a great course at Muldoon Park. The movers Pelham NH has at its disposal say that local events like the Annual Fall Festival and the Summer Concert Series contribute to a strong community spirit and provide regular social gatherings for residents.

Hollis: a town where community and opportunity thrive

Located in southern New Hampshire, Hollis is a picturesque town known for its rural charm and tight-knit community. It has a population of approximately 7,800 residents, with a median home value of about $456,800, reflective of its desirability and the quality of life it offers.

The job market in Hollis and its surrounding area is promising. Tech and healthcare companies, located within a reasonable commuting distance, provide ample job opportunities for residents. Companies such as BAE Systems and Nashua Corporation are prominent employers in the region.

a man typing on his computer
The job market in Hollis is very appealing to young professionals.

Hollis prides itself on its community activities. The annual Old Home Days is a two-day festival filled with music, food, and a parade. The Hollis Strawberry Festival, with its homegrown strawberries and local crafts, draws crowds from surrounding areas each June. Outdoor lovers appreciate the Beaver Brook Association, offering 35 miles of trails over 2,187 acres. From these details, it’s clear that the movers Hollis NH has at its disposal can testify to the town’s balance of work and leisure opportunities.

Understanding why millennials opt for New Hampshire

The appeal of the state of New Hampshire for millennials rests on several solid pillars. The state provides an affordable lifestyle, a safe environment, and a high quality of life. The abundance of job opportunities across varied industries and a favorable environment for startups attract career-oriented young adults. Educational institutions of repute cater to their intellectual needs, while an active cultural and arts scene caters to their cultural appetites. Cities like Manchester, Nashua, Londonderry, and Pelham each offer their unique charm and advantages. This is why millennials opt for New Hampshire, where they find a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that aligns with their aspirations and values. The state truly offers an appealing mix of professional opportunities, cultural richness, and lifestyle benefits.

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