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Common moving mistakes and how to avoid them


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Whatever you do in life, you will make mistakes and that is as unavoidable as it is mandatory. Some mistakes do not involve big consequences while others do. Some are just so time-consuming that you will hate yourself for making them. When it comes to moving, this is especially the case. Relocations are very detailed processes and even the smallest mistakes can cause a ruckus, not to mention what big ones can do. Therefore, we have put together a guide, or a reminder, of the most common moving mistakes and how you should avoid them in order to help you as much as we, Southern New Hampshire movers, can.

What are the most common moving mistakes and how can you avoid them?

There are truly numerous or, better said, countless mistakes you can make when relocating. Whether before, during, or even after the process is completed. We will do our best to mention only the most common ones that people seem to be forgetting about a lot. With our reminders and your organization, surely we will be able to execute a proper move.

A calendar and a planner.
Organizing usually helps prevent common moving mistakes of all kinds.

You will book your date too late

This happens not only a lot but almost always. People often lead busy lives and do not know when exactly they will be able to focus on a move. They prolong everything and think that they will manage to find household movers on short notice somewhere. This often ends up being a very bad plan. Relocation is something that should have your undivided attention if possible and taking days off of work is recommended. For those who do not have that possibility, starting your organization on time is the most important thing. If you cannot put everything on hold but you must relocate, we recommend that you book in advance and do everything else that you can in advance as well.

Maybe creating a proper timeline is the best option you have. If you organize your time according to your other obligations and duties, you will be able to manage everything at once.

You can easily make a mistake when deciding on a budget

This is probably the most common moving mistake of all. If you have not moved before, and even if you have, you will probably forget about certain financial obligations. Starting on time with your organization will certainly help you with everything because you will have more time to think about things. On the other hand, it is not realistic to expect accuracy from yourself. The best thing to do is your best. If you want to make sure that you have enough money for everything but are not sure if you have thought of everything, having extra money on the side is the way to go. In other words, create a budget and then add more money to it just in case. Even if you have forgotten about something or something comes up, perhaps, you will be safe and avoid a lack of cash.

A black piggy bank and money on the table.
Watch out, you can easily forget about something and end up with empty pockets.

Remember that certain moving services cost more than others and you should probably create a moving budget after you have informed yourself about the costs and rates of moving companies. Especially if you need some special services like piano moving, for example.

Are you sure that you should borrow already used packing supplies?

This is something that does not necessarily mean you will fail. However, the possibility is bigger. We understand that it is cheaper to borrow or buy used moving supplies, boxes especially. Nevertheless, they are always damaged one way or another and that means that your belongings are not exactly getting the best protection they can. If you, like most, possess anything fragile, you might end up breaking that fragile and maybe expensive item because you wanted to avoid a few extra bucks. That does not seem like the scenario you want to participate in, now does it? Therefore, perhaps new boxes, or even packing services, are your best options.

Do not relax once your items are transferred to your new address, there is so much more to do

You will be very tired, even exhausted, once the relocation is mid-way done. After your items are delivered to your new home, you will feel as if you are finished and all you have to do is unpack. The moment you relax is the same moment you make a common moving mistake. The unpacking process is the most tiring and boring process. You can make it fun if you think of it as an opportunity to start enjoying your new home. Still, that feeling will leave you very soon. Once you see that it is worse than packing, your enthusiasm will leave you. Not only that but you will probably find out that you have forgotten something as many people do. Either forgotten to do something, or to pay for something. Once all the little things start to add up, you will start to lose your patience.

A woman and a man unpacking.
Once the move is over, you will still have a lot of things to do.

Our honest recommendation is that you do not relax until the last detail has been settled. If you created a plan or a timeline you can follow, then you will know what awaits you and what has to be done. That way, you will keep track of everything and avoid this mistake.

Those were the most common moving mistakes as well as our suggestions on how to avoid them

We believe that you already had this in mind but having a written reminder is always a good thing. This was our top pick between the most common moving mistakes and some of our suggestions that will help you avoid them. We wish you good luck!

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- Paul Provencher

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