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Michael Brooks has been working in the moving industry for over 35 years. He not only has the experience to make your move a success, He also holds a real estate license giving Michael a full understanding of the real estate transaction process with precision timing & patience that is required during your big move. This is understood among the entire moving team.

The team understands that it can be stressful during your move and we make sure we are very understanding with everyone's timing and specific needs. We are professionals and work in an organized and efficient manner, no matter how big the job. We understand the process and are extremely respectful of your home or business. 

Moving is more difficult when not organized, not to mention the unpacking afterward in the new place. It can become very overwhelming when you’ve got multiple homes to close on, maybe your buying your first home, or you’ve got to out. Then there’s landlords, mortgage companies, electric, cable, etc. all these things going on at the same time.

To make your move easy for you, at Michael Brooks Moving our household moving crews are well prepared, efficient and motivated. They have the knowledge and the big thing; they have all the proper equipment to move things securely and quickly. Our movers don’t just pick up one box and carry it to the truck, they will take 4 or 5 boxes, stack/strap them on a dolly and roll them out, down stairs or up the stairs and efficiently pack the moving truck.

With some moving companies the movers grab one box at a time, over and over. With proper equipment and techniques we can securely move a lot of household goods very quickly and complete your move in the shortest time.

I’m Michael and I answer the phone. I return all the e-mails, I do all the estimates in person or on Zoom. After many years of experience I can troubleshoot, see potential problems and advise on almost any move, and come up with a game plan based on your time constraints.

"The last thing we want you to worry about is your move. We want that to be the least of your problems; you can worry about everything else but when you hire us for your move, we’ve got you covered!"

...Michael Brooks, Founder & Owner


Michael Brooks Moving is registered with the State of New Hampshire as a household mover and with D.O.T. as a Federal Motor Carrier, and we carry worker’s compensation, general liability, vehicle and cargo insurance as required.

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“Our team of professionals are here for you. Moving can be stressful, we can help."

- Michael Brooks | Owner

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