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A guide to moving long distance with a baby on the way


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Moving long distance is stressful and exhausting. Now, moving long distance with a baby on the way is even more chaotic. There is so much to do, and during pregnancy, it can be even more overbearing than usual. Obviously, the health of the woman and the baby is going to be a priority. With that in mind, keeping the relocation as stress-free as possible should be the goal. You should aim to have a smooth, but also quick move, to not make this process any longer than it needs to be. Hiring one of the reliable interstate moving companies New Hampshire may be the option as it requires the least amount of work. Having professionals handle your move during pregnancy will significantly lower the amount of stress it is causing. However, there are many more things to consider when relocating with a baby on the way.

Consult your doctor before moving long distance

Before moving, it is crucial to visit your doctor, to make sure it is safe for you to move. Keep in mind that lifting heavy is off-limits during pregnancy, but you should consult a doctor before participating in the move. The most important thing is to check if you can endure the stress caused by moving and eliminate any potential risks during pregnancy. The general rule of thumb is not to lift anything heavier than 18 pounds if you are less than 20 weeks, and 13 pounds if you’re more than 20 weeks pregnant. However, this is individual and not a one-size-fits-all, so talk to your healthcare provider first.

A pregnant woman talking to her obstetrician
The first step before moving long distance with a baby on the way is to talk to your doctor.

Find a trustworthy obstetrician in your new hometown

If it is up to you, definitely aim to move before you enter the third semester. Safety is always the most important, and to feel more secure it is best to find a good obstetrician before you move. Even if your due date is not soon after the relocation when it comes to pregnancy you can’t be too safe. Especially since knowing a doctor is waiting for will help relieve some of the stress you’re feeling.

Hire reputable movers to help you when moving long distance with a baby on the way

A long distance move is a challenging process, that sometimes requires professional help. Hiring a moving company is highly convenient, and essentially the best option when expecting a baby. The movers are going to handle your relocation, so you can relax and focus on your health. Your only job would be finding a good moving company for your needs and letting a team of professionals assist you during relocation. With Michael Brooks Moving you can expect a pleasant and stress-free relocation.

Professional movers carrying a couch
Finding a trustworthy moving company is the key to a seamless long distance move.

Make a to-do list to avoid pregnancy brain

Writing everything down can be extremely useful when moving long distance, since there are countless necessary tasks to do. Some women can experience pregnancy brain, making them more likely to forget some of the things that need to be done. For this reason, making a to-do list will help you be more organized and relaxed. Plan your move as much as possible to avoid obstacles down the road. Having a pen and paper on you at all times can be really helpful, as you can take notes when you think of something important. Also, you can find one of the best moving companies Merrimack NH to do the planning for you.

Take your time with packing

Packing can be a physically exhausting process when pregnant. It is safer to start earlier than usual and give yourself extra time. Getting help from family or friends is a good way to make it more bearable. Additionally, hiring professional packing services Merrimack NH may be the safest option. However, if you do decide to pack on your own there are some health rules to follow. Firstly, don’t pack for more than 30 minutes, without taking a break, especially if you’re in the later stages of the pregnancy. Secondly, never try to lift any heavy furniture on your own. Have someone help you, or at least disassemble as much as you can before moving it around.

Pack an essentials bag for moving day when moving long distance with a baby on the way

There is no need to come home tired after moving, only to have to unpack moving boxes and exhaust yourself even more. During pregnancy, it is crucial to rest as much as possible. This is why it is beneficial to pack a bag with essential items before moving. This can include both travel necessities and items you know you will need as soon as you arrive. If you pack an essentials bag properly you know you can rest when you get to your new home. This bag should include a change of clothes and basic toiletries, at least.

Packing essential for moving long distance with a baby on the way
Packing a bag with essential items is a good way to know you don’t have to worry about unpacking boxes as soon as you relocate.

Make sure to avoid toxic chemicals

Moving often includes cleaning and home renovation. Since your house should be completely cleaned before you move out, you should consider hiring someone to help. It is for the best to be on the safe side, and avoid inhaling potentially toxic chemicals to pregnant women, that can be found in cleaning supplies. Also, if you are doing home renovations in your new house, try and finish it before you arrive. It would be better to avoid glue, dust, paint, and other chemicals during pregnancy.

Be gentle with yourself

Last but not least, when moving long distance with a baby on the way it is important to listen to your body. Moving during pregnancy can seem scary and overwhelming. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The most meaningful thing is to stay healthy and safe. Make sure to ask for as much help as needed, and to take as many breaks as you want. Finally, have a safe relocation!


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