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A guide to living and working in Manchester NH


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As the largest city in the state, Manchester seamlessly combines its historic mill town charm with the energy of urban development. Known for its friendly community, bustling arts scene, and promising job market, Manchester offers both newcomers and long-time residents an inviting space to call home. Whether you’re drawn by its educational institutions, tech sector, or the enticement of its vivid downtown, Manchester is a city that promises a balance of opportunity and quality of life. Hence, all you need to do is contact Southern New Hampshire movers and start preparing for both living and working in Manchester NH.

What are the benefits of your move to Manchester?

Manchester has a unique appeal that provides the best of urban living while still offering the tranquility you need. While rising, the city’s cost of living remains relatively more affordable than major metropolises, making it an attractive option for families and young professionals who can rely on movers Manchester NH. After all, the overall costs are just about 11% above the national average. Moreover, the situation is practically the same with the housing costs as well.

With a diversity of cultural offerings, from its eclectic dining scene to its arts and music festivals, Manchester is never short of entertainment and inspiration. The Currier Museum of Art and the historic Palace Theatre are just two of the city’s cultural treasures, ensuring that residents have ample avenues for exploration and enrichment.

Manchester abounds with career opportunities

When talking about Manchester’s job market we must mention the changes that have made it an economic powerhouse in New Hampshire. Thus, the technology sector is booming, with a surge in startups and tech firms establishing a presence here, aided by the city’s supportive infrastructure and proximity to Boston’s tech hub. Additionally, the healthcare and education sectors remain strong pillars, with institutions like the Elliot Hospital and Southern New Hampshire University offering numerous employment opportunities. Manchester’s renovated mill buildings also house an array of businesses, from design studios to boutiques, reflecting the city’s blend of traditional industries with innovative ventures.

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Come to the city of opportunities.

Find the perfect neighborhood for living and working in Manchester NH

There are diverse residential areas in Manchester catering to various lifestyles.

  • The downtown district offers urban living, characterized by historic mill buildings converted into stylish apartments, ideal for those valuing proximity to nightlife and city amenities.
  • North End, with its grand homes and tree-lined streets, exudes an old-world charm, attracting families and professionals alike.
  • The West Side, enriched by its French-Canadian heritage, provides a mix of single-family homes and apartments.

Moreover, factors influencing selection include budget, desired property type, proximity to work or schools, and personal lifestyle preferences—whether one seeks the city’s buzz or the serenity of suburban pockets.

Be certain that you’ll be satisfied with education and healthcare

By hiring local movers Southern NH you will come to a place that is home to several esteemed institutions.

  • Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), renowned for its on-campus and online programs, draws students globally.
  • Manchester Community College offers diverse courses catering to both traditional and non-traditional students.
  • Saint Anselm College, with its rich history and liberal arts focus, is another notable institution.

On the healthcare front, Manchester is serviced by world-class facilities. Elliot Hospital, a cornerstone of healthcare in the region, provides comprehensive services. Catholic Medical Center, another significant healthcare provider, ensures residents have access to quality medical care, reaffirming Manchester’s commitment to health and education.

Go through daily life in Manchester

Manchester’s transportation network is good, with the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport offering convenient travel and I-93 ensuring easy road connectivity. The city brims with recreational opportunities, from the verdant Derryfield Park to the scenic Massabesic Lake, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Furthermore, a burgeoning dining scene awaits food lovers, showcasing everything from traditional New England fare to global cuisines. Elm Street, the city’s main artery, is lined with cafes, restaurants, and breweries, each telling a unique culinary story. Also, for entertainment, the historic Palace Theatre hosts a medley of performances, while intimate venues across the city offer live music.

How to move safely and efficiently?

Relocating to Manchester necessitates careful planning for a smooth transition. When hiring movers and using professional service delivery NH, prioritize local companies with positive reviews and ensure they’re insured. Obtain multiple quotes to gauge market rates. Moreover, packing can be streamlined by decluttering beforehand and categorizing items by room. Use quality packing materials to safeguard belongings, especially fragile items. Label boxes clearly, specifying contents and their intended room in the new home. Finally, upon arrival, setting up utilities should be a priority.

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Hire reliable movers and do your part of the job for a stress-free move.

Become part of the community

Integration into Manchester’s community can be rewarding. Begin by attending local events, such as farmers’ markets or town hall meetings, to meet neighbors and learn about regional happenings. Join community centers or recreational clubs to pursue hobbies and network. Utilize the Manchester City Library to access local resources, history, and workshops. Engage with local online forums or social media groups specific to Manchester for updates, recommendations, and connections. Also, volunteering for city-based organizations or charities can also provide meaningful interactions and deeper insight into the community’s heartbeat.

Adapt to the weather in Manchester

If you plan on living and working in Manchester NH you should know that Manchester experiences all four seasons distinctly. Spring brings budding trees and milder temperatures, while summer offers warmth and extended daylight, perfect for outdoor activities. Fall paints the city in a vibrant array of colors, with foliage turning golden and red. Winter, however, can be harsh, with snow and freezing temperatures.

In order to handle winter you should do certain things.

  • invest in quality winter gear
  • including insulated boots and coats
  • keep a stock of essential items in case of snow-ins
  • always remove snow from your car and driveway promptly
  • ensure home heating systems are regularly maintained for optimal performance
a man removing snow from a driveway
Living and working in Manchester NH requires you to adapt to life in this great city.

A city of opportunities and charm

Overall, living and working in Manchester NH is one of the best decisions you can make. This amazing city provides exceptional economic opportunities, cultural richness, and a welcoming community. From its diverse residential areas and developed job market to its educational and healthcare excellence, the city promises a fulfilling experience. With the beauty of all four seasons and a plethora of recreational and dining options, Manchester beckons all to delve deeper. Whether relocating, working, or just visiting, Manchester invites you to uncover its many treasures and create your own memories.

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