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A detailed guide to moving to Nashua from abroad


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People move from all over the world. Some of them, in fact, decide to move to Nashua. And of course, among them, many people are moving for the first time. So we decided that the best thing we could do to help those people is to provide them with a detailed guide to moving to Nashua from abroad. Of course, they can also always look for advice that moving companies Nashua NH residents recommend can provide as well.

Welcome to Nashua, NH

One of the main things you should do before the move is to research the city you will move into! Due to the help of the internet and social media, it is easy to obtain information even on the furthest destinations. That’s why many of the best movers Southern NH has to offer see a rise in people moving to some places that were not as well known in the past. When it comes to Nashua, this beautiful mid-sized city is located in the county of Hillsborough. Over the years, the city has seen a steady stream of new residents. Which, in turn, raised the resident number to 88606! Taking into consideration the current growth of the city, many already see its potential as well as imagine its outstanding future.

Four women talking about moving to Nashua from abroad
You can always learn the benefits of moving to Nashua from abroad by talking to people who have already moved there.

Learn about living costs and taxes

One of the things that people often forget is to look into living costs before the move. Living costs are different from one town to the other, so you can be certain that that difference will be great after moving from abroad. Living expenses here are actually among the more affordable ones in the state. That, alongside the average household income (around $73,785), makes Nashua a very good place to live. Of course, there is even more than that. One of the more important things you should look into is taxes!

  • The sales tax rate in Nashua is 0.0%.
  • The average property tax paid is around 2.3%
  • The state income tax in the state is 5.00%

Find the perfect home before moving to Nashua from abroad

One of the biggest problems of big cities is the price of accommodation! For example, NYC has some of the best amenities in the world, but at the same time, it also has some of the highest property prices. Regarding Nashua, the average home price is around $257,700 making the average price for a monthly mortgage around $2,001. In Nashua, 55% of the population owns their own home. That, of course, means that 45% of residents decide to rent. But is renting really the best option? The average rent for an apartment starts at around $1,384 per month.

  • 1 Bedroom – $1,384
  • 2 Bedroom – $1,824
  • 3 Bedroom – $2,339
  • 4 Bedroom – $2,526
A house for sale with a mortgage sign
There are many times when buying a home is too expensive. But in Nashua, the mortgage is quite affordable.

So looking at the average costs, we concluded that renting in Nashua is not a bad choice for people that need one bedroom. But on the other hand, if you are moving with your family and need more space, buying is the best choice! As in the case of 3 and 4-bedroom apartments, the rent exceeds the average mortgage. All local movers Southern NH has to offer also noticed these price differences while helping their clients move.

Moving to Nashua from abroad means you need a good moving budget

Many people take moving fees for granted when moving people locally or close distance. They usually pay hourly rates and don’t need too much time dealing with the whole process. Of course, there are many differences when moving abroad. The most noticeable ones are the amount of money needed for the move and the time. This is not a move you should take lightly. So make sure your budget is big enough. Especially if you also need services like packing, pool table movers, unpacking, storage, and piano movers NH companies offer. Take all of them into consideration before making the outlines of your budget. But make sure you leave it flexible, as you never know if there will be any complications.


When moving abroad, insurance is one of the best investments you can have! There are many different types of insurance you can choose from. However, the full coverage option is probably always the best. This type of insurance is also the most expensive one. You don’t need to get this type; there are also other insurance options you can choose from. But do keep in mind its importance. Insurance protects you and your items in case of any damages to the items or losses that happen during the moving process. This is where the insurance type comes into play. Full coverage will pay you the item’s full price (to get it repaired or a new one). In contrast, other types will pay you less depending on the type you choose.

Insurance documents next to a laptop
Insurance is always a good thing to have when moving. It makes a move a lot safer.

Have your documentation ready

When moving to Nashua from abroad, we need to be aware of some things. One of them is the importance of documents. There will be specific ones we will need to have to move. The first thing you will need to do is look into visa requirements and immigration options. Usually, people moving need to have at least a long-stay visa. Of course, some immigration programs are offered for highly skilled workers. But even this is not all. You must also provide your documentation, such as your birth certificate, marriage license, adoption paper, medical records, etc. Your passport and visa go without saying. This way you won’t have any problems.

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