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5 Essential Reasons You Should Hire Pool Table Movers


In 2019, around 40 million Americans moved across the country. Many of us have vulnerable possessions that must be safely transported from A to B, which is often impossible to do ourselves — like a pool table, for example.


Because of this, we must hire pool table movers who have the expertise and equipment to move our beloved table to our new home. If you’re on the fence about hiring pool table movers, you’ve come to the right place. Below are five reasons why you must hire them.


Things to Consider Before Hiring Movers

Before calling pool table movers, it’s important to consider aspects of your move and the pool table.

Pool table movers will ask questions about the pool table so they can give you an accurate quote. This is because tables come in various sizes and materials, which can make them harder to move.


Plus, your pool table may be afamily heirloom,so ask movers whether they have guarantees for valuable items.


Break down the path of the move, including whether your new home has an elevator and if it’s big enough for your pool table.


Movers often charge hourly for short-distance journeys, but if it’s long-distance, customers are charged based on the table’s weight and how far away you’re moving.


It’s important to note, many customers dismantle the table themselves to save money, but if it’s not done correctly, they could end up paying more to repair the damage caused. Because of this, it’s far safer to ask pool table movers to do it.

With the quote, you’re guaranteed a safe, hassle-free move as movers are meticulous with their approach.

Your movers will have:


- Manpower to move your table

- Protection for your floors and walls

- Packing materials to secure pieces in the van

- Proper moving equipment to easily move the table

- Insurance


Hiring professionals is far better than attempting the move yourself. The main issue is that you won’t have enough manpower or equipment to move your pool table safely.

You may hurt yourself during the process if the table falls on you, so hire pool table movers who can relieve the burden.


1. Pool Table Movers Know the Difference Between Tables

Before you ask, “how much to move a pool table?”, tell movers which type you have.

Professional pool tables vary as they’re designed to fit certain specifications. The most common pool tables are made from slabs of slate with a layer of felt on top.

There are also mechanical pool tables that have a special component such as collecting coins or retrieving balls that fall into the pockets. These are harder to disassemble, so it’s important to hire pool table movers so they can do this for you.


2. Pool Table Movers Have the Right Equipment

Tables must be broken down into different pool table parts like screws, bolts, and staples. You also need a wide range of equipment that pool table movers have access to, such as:


- Baggies

- A staple remover and gun

- Drill

- Wrench

- Packing tape

- Moving tarps

- Furniture straps

- Padding


Pool table movers will also label everything so they stay safe during the process. Plus, they will measure the new pool table room so you have space to play the game comfortably.


3. Pool Table Movers Have Insurance

It’s a moving company’s responsibility to have insurance and pack your pool table to the best possible standard. Always ask the pool table movers about their insurance options for your move.

The best policy is “full value protection insurance” as it covers special possessions that require extra care.


4. Pool Table Movers Know How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Pool table movers must know how to disassemble a table properly to ensure no components are damaged.


For a slate pool table,movers must removethe pockets using a staple remover and take off the railing with a wrench. Next, they must carefully remove the felt so it isn’t torn during the process and then fold the material separately in a plastic bag. Once removed, movers must use a drill to disassemble the slates which are extra fragile. Finally, the frame must be turned upside down to unbolt the legs and take it apart.


5. Pool Table Movers Transport Goods Safely

Reputable movers know how to move a pool table because they have the equipment to keep items secure. Movers have a large van so they can fit everything inside to avoid damage and multiple trips.


Movers will wrap everything in a tarp and secure it with tape, ensuring the items can’t move around. If not, the pool table could get chipped or cracked during the journey. The pool table will then be secured with furniture straps before the smooth journey ahead.


Once arrived, pool table movers will reassemble your table. As it’s an intricate process, the team stays focused, so the table is reassembled correctly.

A tiny mistake could lead to a poorly constructed table, but movers have the experience and skillset to reconstruct the table, so there are no issues.

After your pool table is assembled, the movers will level the table, so your games aren’t compromised.


Call Pool Table Movers Today

Now you know the importance of calling pool table movers to ensure yours is safe.

Regardless of whether you have a slate or mechanical table, we have the right tools and expertise to transport the table to your new home safely.


If you’re interested, we would love to help.Contact us todayto get a free estimate and schedule your move.

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