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5 Tips to Choosing the Best Moving Company for Your Furniture

Choosing the best moving company is important so none of your items are damaged and you're paying the best price.


Moving is stressful enough without worrying about logistics. With all the moving services out there, how do you know what the best moving company for you is? We’ve rounded up five tips to help.

From checking reviews to asking about the extra services, this guide has a few things to help you choose the best moving company for you. Let’s get you on your way to a seamless and stress-free move.


1. The Best Movers Have Reviews

Friends and family are often the best people to ask to find references. If they had a good experience, they’ll be happy to give you a name and number for their moving company. Ask a friend who recently moved.

The best moving companies will also have great reviews. You can find reviews on the website or in a quick internet search.

When you havereviews to look’ll get a real insight into the company. You’ll see how other people’s service went and how satisfied they were. Your moving professional will also provide you with references and reviews if asked.


2. Stay Local: The Best Moving Company Near Me?

If you’re moving to or from New Hampshire or the surrounding area, you want to choose a local moving professional. A local pro will understand the area, know the lay of the land, and will be comfortable getting your precious cargo there safely.

With a local mover, you’ll also have peace of mind that they know where they are going. Whether you’re moving down the street or 20 miles away, you want movers who are comfortable with your location.

Choosing a national chain moving company could leave you with some added stress on your shoulders. Do they know where to go? Do they know the highway is closed?Your local moversdo.

With a local mover, you’ll also have more flexibility. You want someone who understands how critical the moving timeline can be. With everything going on in the world, thereal estate marketis busier than ever.


3. Do I Need Movers? Get a Consultation

Many people often wonder if they can move everything themselves. You may have been able to move alone in college but it’s tough to do with more belongings. Your movers will come to your house and assess how much stuff you have.

Your moving team can come to your home and take inventory. They will be able to give you a time and price estimate based on the number of bedrooms you have as well as the amount of furniture and boxes.

If you have a lot of large furniture, it’s hard to move by yourself. You’ll need a truck or vehicle big enough to fit bulky furniture and large items. You’ll also need multiple people to help you on both ends get everything to and from your new home.

Not only will you need to transport your belongings, but you’ll also need to be able to carry it up the stairs, take furniture apart, and put it all together again. This can take days or weeks if you try to do it alone.

It’s stressful enough to pack all your belongings. Take some of the pressure off with professional movers. You can be sure they will take care of everything.


4. Additional Moving Help and Services Offered

Your professionals can help with more than just moving your stuff. They can also help with truck storage, packing, and moving fragile or precious items. The best movers take pride in providing you with everything you need for a successful move.

They can even coordinate overnight truck storage so you can close back to back days. Your movers understand real estate deadlines and the importance of getting your stuff out and in on a time crunch.

Whether you needhelp with packing or movinga 200-year-old antique, professional movers will take the stress off your shoulders.


5. Your Movers Should Provide an Estimate

Professional movers will come to your home and provide you with an estimate. Based on the number of bedrooms you have and your furniture, your mover will be able to give you a time and price estimate.

Your estimate will also include how many movers you’ll need, what size truck, and the distance you’re traveling. You’ll want an estimate so you can plan accordingly. You won’t have any surprises on your moving day.

Professional movers will also be able to speak with you about any special items you need to move. Fragile artwork, a piano, antique furniture, or anything else thatneeds extra care.

As an extra layer of safety, you can also book an appointment through Zoom. This allows you to speak with your movers virtually. They can survey your home over the computer or your phone so there is no need to have an in-person meeting.

You can also call your mover to explain the size of your home. Your movers will be able to give you an estimate on the amount of time your move will take as well. If you have a tight closing or are traveling a far distance, your movers will take that into account.


How to Choose a Moving Company

The best moving company for you is one that understands your needs and makes moving a breeze. You want a pro you can trust with your precious cargo. Get into your new home and rest easier knowing you have movers to help.

Movers can help with everything from logistics to packing. Save time and money by hiring a professional. For help with your New Hampshire move, fill out the contact form here to get started on your free estimate.

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