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5 tips for newlyweds moving to Salem


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Have you been thinking about moving to a completely different state or town after marrying? If so, you may be wondering how can you know which city is the best for you and your partner. How to decide whether the place is good for you? The best place to start is by exploring all the crucial things such as climate, living costs, community, job opportunities, activities, etc. This will help you decide whether you want to relocate or not. So, in case you are one of the newlyweds moving to Salem and you need moving assistance, reliable movers NH residents recommend are the ones you should get in touch with. Now, let’s see what are the most important things you should think of before moving to Salem!

Get to know Salem

Salem has countless improvements that have been made in the recent past. There are numberless projects waiting to be accomplished. The place is very adaptable and has something for everyone. One of the best things about this place is that its location gives the residents many options to fill their day. And these options are quite fun. That might be the number one reason why newlyweds are choosing to move here. Their life here will be like a honeymoon. Always in action looking for more fun.

An additional reason why people move here after the wedding is that residents here have a great sense of community. The neighborhoods are quiet and homelike. Once you see these neighborhoods, you will not hesitate any longer and you will hire movers Salem NH has. It is a perfect place for people looking to start a family and settle down.

couple thinking about all the newlyweds moving to Salem
Find out as much as you can about your new place before you decide to move

5 tips for newlyweds moving to Salem

  1. Get to know the place you are moving to.
  2. Find the activities you can enjoy together in your free time.
  3. Explore the options of getting a better-paid job and calculate the living costs.
  4. Enjoy some quality time meeting new people.
  5. Relax and decorate your home the way you always wanted to.

We know that all of these might not sound perfect. But by doing some of these activities, you will be able to get to know each other better. All of these activities can be done together. So you will not have to separate from your partner at all.

Exploring Salem

You should know that Salem is a place full of diverse restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. You can visit a different place almost every time you want to go out.  Use all the free time you have to explore your new neighborhood while one of the best moving companies Merrimack NH is taking care of your relocation.

This is a great chance to bond on a different level. You can also start a new routine as a newlywed couple. Choose the one restaurant you will visit on your anniversary. Let it be just your thing. And even after the kids come, and eventually they will, you will have your own place that you can visit. And spend time with your partner one on one, as you used to.

Which activities you can find here?

When we speak about spending time with your partner and getting to know Salem, we don’t only mean that you should go to bars and restaurants. There are countless activities, suitable for family, that you can enjoy. Some of the places you should definitely visit:

  • Rollercoaster at the Canobie Lake Park,
  • Splashing down the Castaway Island,
  • visiting the Trails at Salem Town Forest,
  • Fishing at the Arlington Mill Reservoir, and much more.

Since the weather in Salem is mild, you will have a lot of chances during the year to visit any of the interesting places. Make sure that you plan all of this.

couple looking at the mountains
Newlyweds moving to Salem will find out what kind of adventures are waiting for them

Extra tip

Do not waste your time as newlyweds on unpacking and dealing with the task that comes after the relocation. You will have so much time to do it. Instead of that, try planning your adventures while one of the best apartment movers Merrimack NH prepares you for the relocation.

Newlyweds moving to Salem should calculate the living costs

This is not so fun part of your life after the wedding day. Even though you can still spend time having fun and planning your free days, you need to figure out whether you can afford to live in the town of Salem or not.

List of living costs

This list has been made according to detailed statistics.

  • The cost of living for a family of 4, because we are assuming that you will expand your family after a while, is $4553.
  • If you are not renting your home, and you already own one, you could be having total living costs that are around $2500.
  • On food, you will spend around $1340 per month. However, all of these numbers do not need to scare you. The job opportunities in Salem have been raised. You will be in a position to earn more money than you used to if you find a job here.

And even though Salem is in the top 6 percent of the most expensive places in the US, you will be able to have a cozy and nice life if you carefully divide all the expenses.

Meet your neighborhood

As we have said, you can always take a walk through your neighborhood and meet new people. Introduce yourself. Get some pieces of advice on what to see and where to go. Invite some of them to dinner or for a walk. You will see that this place has a great sense of community and you will have a blast here without spending a coin.

newlyweds taking picture
Spend as much time as you can with your partner

To sum it all up, one of the main things you should do as newlyweds moving to Salem is to have fun. Salem has a lot of great places you can visit. But in case you do not have enough money for all the activities you might want to partake in, there is a solution. You can always spend some quality time together just walking through the neighborhood. Or spend some time alone in your new place. Salem and all its activities will wait for you.


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