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5 things to discuss before moving in with friends


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When you share your home with your closest friend, it might sometimes feel like you’re in a comedy. There are times when you and your roommate have a lot to speak about, and there are times when you have a lot to laugh about as well. It doesn’t matter how many Friends reruns you watch, living with your closest buddy will always feel more like a reality TV program than a sitcom. Disagreements are certain to arise. It’s possible that some of the arguments may be over small things while others will be over larger issues. Every person has their own unique habits that only come to light when you live with them. It’s important to consider these things before moving in with friends. Consider hiring moving companies southern NH if you and your friends need any moving services.

5 things to discuss before moving in with friends

While some may say you should never even consider sharing an apartment with your closest friends, it may be an experience that strengthens your relationship even more.

friends hanging out
There are a number of things you need to discuss before moving in with friends.

Before you sign the lease, get down with your buddies and discuss the following five points:

1. Hosting guests

The lady whose boyfriend becomes a constant house guest, or the guy who throws a raucous party while his roommate is trying to sleep is not anyone’s cup of tea. A debate about guest rules before moving in with friends is necessary. Even if you have a lot of shared acquaintances. Ignoring these rules might lead to tragedy. What works for you and your significant other when it comes to entertaining guests, inviting family members to stay, or allowing them to stay at your home when they’re in town? Setting a limit on the number of nights you’re willing to let guests stay in your apartment is a good idea so that neither of you feels pressured to be accommodating. If you or your roommate are musicians and you need to also move your big instruments, consider hiring our piano movers NH to help you out.

2. Sharing food

Even though it may seem like a little issue, reusing the last of someone else’s milk might lead to a nasty argument. Discuss how you feel about sharing food. Doing your shopping separately and only using the things you really bought can be an option. In addition, you may elect to share things like cooking oil with each other. Consider sharing everything with your partner. As a rule, if you’re the type of person who gets really riled up when someone steals your food without your permission, be honest about it. Do not make the mistake of assuming that your best buddy shares your sentiments. If you and your future roomie need any packing services Merrimack NH, feel free to contact us.

two friends cooking together
You’ll have a way easier time and you might even cut some costs if you choose to share food with your roommate.

3. Cleaning up and taking out the trash

Does your bestie just tidy up when guests are over? When you live together, you’ll know for sure. Before signing the lease, talk about your housekeeping habits. As a result, it’s important to talk about the tasks you enjoy and the ones you despise. Assuming that one of you likes vacuuming and the other enjoys wiping countertops, you can simply split the cleaning duties depending on who will do what and when. Consider using a chore sheet or another system to keep track of what has to be done, no matter how childish it may appear. If you don’t have a dishwasher…good luck! Nobody likes washing dishes.

4. Quiet Hours

To prevent the dreaded noisy house visitors at 3 am on a Tuesday at your place of residence, it’s best to know when it’s alright to use your outdoor voice inside and when it’s not. Discuss your sleep patterns and daily routines. If you’re both in school or work during the week but have free time on the weekends, talk about where you’ll go out and how you’ll host parties. Identify if one of you prefers to wake up early on Monday or to sleep in late on Sunday. The two of you should not have to cope with each other’s loud TV habits when you’re in the same room. If you’re someone who likes to wake up with blasting music, consider buying a pair of noise-canceling earbuds. And make sure you don’t lose them. As good quality ones are not that cheap.

5. The budget

Even though many individuals avoid talking about money, it’s critical that you and your closest buddy do so prior to moving in together. Prior to starting your search for a shared apartment, it is ideal to have this discussion. Spend some time comparing spending patterns and budgets. Are you both in college? Are they both recent college grads? Will either of you be able to get financial assistance from your parents? If you don’t have much stuff to move, you can hire affordable small moving companies NH. Affordability shouldn’t be determined only by what works for one of you. Make a plan for who will pay what expenses and what to do if your financial condition changes.

a girl counting cash before moving in with friends
Talk about your budget twice before signing a lease.

Before moving in with friends consider how you’d like to communicate in the event of an issue. To prevent the typical passive hostile letters from your roommate, come up with a few hypothetical instances that could justify a sit-down dialogue. You may even want to schedule weekly or monthly check-ins to ensure that your roommate dynamic is as stable as your friendship. Make sure that the company you employ to help you with your move is verified by the Better Business Bureau. Michael Brooks Moving is the best example of a professional and reliable moving company. If you choose to move with us, you’ll get top-notch moving services at an affordable rate. Happy relocation!


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