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4 moving-in traditions you should know about


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There are so many different ways to start your life over once you move into your new home. We believe there are a few things you should do before calling your house a home. Therefore, you should definitely learn some moving-in traditions that will turn your house into a home. On the other hand, our moving companies Southern NH will help you not only move to your new home but also tell you tips on how to unpack and settle in. Make sure you stay with us to learn more.

Are there some specific moving-in traditions you should know about?

First of all, you should make a difference between moving-in traditions and superstitions. That’s because some people are very superstitious and you should stay away from that. Although positive energy is a good thing, we want to prevent any potential irrationalities that could even make you hate your home. Still, before moving into your new home, you need to get there. And, it is possible to get there without the help of some superstitious nonsense. All you need is help from professionals. Our interstate moving companies New Hampshire will definitely step in and help you without any problems.

Person looking at tarot cards
You should make a difference between traditions and superstitions.

Alright, let’s be honest, certain traditions can be sweet and even funny. They could contribute to better energy between family members. That means you should engage your family members in that process and turn it into a family thing. Those things could bring you closer to each other. Therefore, whatever you do, do it with love and care. Now, let’s see what you should do right after moving into your new house:

  • Inspect your house – Make sure you inspect your house right after moving. Take photos of things that seem broken and see if you need to invite handymen to help fix something.
  • Renovate things before settling in – You should renovate your house before unpacking and settling. Those are activities you need to do before handling the rest of your stuff.
  • Clean your entire house – It’s important to clean your house before you unpack your boxes.
  • Check your moving boxes – Check if your belongings are intact. If you purchased insurance, there is no need to worry about your stuff that much.

What are the best moving-in traditions everyone should know?

There are so many different traditions you should know. You will either love them or hate them. We will list some of the most beautiful and very interesting traditions you could bring to your new home. Whether you believe in it or not, you will find it rather sweet and enjoyable. Before we tell you more about these traditions, you should know you could turn to us in case you need to move your piano because our piano movers NH will help you move it with ease. Here are our 4 handpicked moving-in traditions:

  1. Buy an orange tree
  2. Ring a Tibetan bell
  3. Burn sage
  4. Spatter salt around the house

#1 Buy an orange tree

If you want to have something nice and useful in your house that also symbolizes good luck, you should buy an orange/tangerine tree. It will not only bring you delicious fruit during its season but it will smell nice. Moreover, this is the tradition that has its roots in China. The word orange sounds very similar to the word good luck in Chinese hence the tradition. 

#2 Ring a Tibetan bell

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of Feng Shui then you will like this tradition. This one requires buying this bell and then ringing it upon arriving at your new house. That should clear up all the negative energy upon ringing it. This is not only a nice tradition but will bring a peaceful and calming vibe into your home.

Sage on the bedding
You could also burn sage as one of the traditions.

#3 Burn sage

Another moving-in tradition that is also called smudging, consists of bunting the leaves of sage. It is a Native American tradition and is truly nice. If you want to fill your house with that sort of vibe, you should get sage and burn its leaves. Other people that do it nowadays usually burn sage to promote healing or generate wisdom.

#4 Spatter salt around the house

This tradition is really old and requires you to spatter or sprinkle a bit of salt in every room in order to bring some good luck and scare away all the negativity. To be more precise, people believe it will scare off all the evil spirits. Also, you could place salt on top of your moving boxes. That could be interesting as well.

Get ready to start off your new life with one of the best moving-in traditions in the world

Now that we told you about some of the most interesting moving-in traditions, you should know that our packing services Merrimack NH are waiting for your call. They want to help you pack all your moving boxes before you sprinkle salt on top of them. On the other hand, we would also like to point out a few more interesting traditions you could perform in your home, such as:

  • Exiting where you entered
  • Lighting a candle
  • Avoid moving during the rainy day
  • Have one window facing the east

These are just some of the many different traditions you could do once you move in. There is so much stuff you could do once you relocate. Additionally, you should also make the most of your time once you move to your new place. Take a tour of your new city with your family, get to know your neighborhood, meet your new neighbors, and so on.

Family with a baby in their new home preparing for moving-in traditions
This is a great way to start over in a new home.

In conclusion

There you have it, you learned all moving-in traditions you should. Now it’s time to choose the one you find the most appropriate or the one you feel suits your energy the most. You should get to know your neighborhood now and focus on other post-moving activities. For instance, you could prepare your house for the upcoming holidays. Who knows, maybe Santa will come sooner this year.


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