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3 tips for packing gym equipment for a move


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Do you need to organize a gym relocation? Maybe you have a home gym but you need to relocate your household. This means that you have to transport your gym equipment to the new address. Usually, gym equipment is quite expensive. For this reason, you need to be careful when you’re packing for your relocation. If you don’t do it properly, you can easily cause damage to your expensive pieces of gym equipment. Since you need to be careful and do it properly, it would be a good idea to hire moving companies southern NH. It is always better to have professionals handle your expensive pieces of equipment if you don’t have enough experience. However, if you want to do it alone, here are all the tips for packing gym equipment for a move. 

Hire movers when packing gym equipment for a move 

It is not necessary to hire a moving company for your relocation. However, this decision should depend on several aspects. First of all, do you know how to organize a relocation? If you do, then you can opt for a DIY relocation. Then, do you have enough time? If you do, then you can pay better attention to your relocation. You will also have more time to properly pack your items, including gym equipment. If you don’t have enough time, it would be better if you hire home gym equipment movers NH. After all, your gym equipment should be properly protected so it won’t get damaged during relocation. Lastly, do you know where you can get quality packing supplies? If yes, then you can also organize the entire location by yourself. If you don’t know where to get quality packing supplies, then you should hire a moving company. 

treadmills in the gym
It is always a smart decision to hire movers

Prepare your items for relocation 

Before you start packing your equipment, you need to prepare it for relocation. First of all, inspect the general state of your gym equipment. Mark all the cracks and scratches that you have on your equipment. This is important because if you notice some new scratches on your equipment after relocation, you can complain. Then you also have to clean and sanitize your equipment. If you are a passionate fitness lover, you probably take good care of your gym equipment. You know that you should clean it every time after you use it. However, you should do it once again before you start packing your equipment. You can buy numerous disinfectants that you can get as sprays, wipes, etc. In addition to this, you can also go and ask for the best disinfectants for gym equipment. Usually, local drug stores would have it. 

Packing gym equipment for a move such as dumbbells and other smaller items 

It’s always the easiest to start from the smallest items. In this case, those would be dumbbells and similar pieces of equipment. First of all, you need to get quality cardboard boxes that can handle the weight of dumbbells. Then, you also need to get bubble wrapping or packing paper to properly protect your gym equipment. Once you have everything ready, it is time to pack your smaller items. You can do it by using bubble wrapping or packing paper. Make sure to protect your items properly so they won’t get damaged during transport. Then, place it in a box and try not to overstuff the box. Cardboard boxes can easily break because of the weight. If you don’t have enough time, you can always search for packing services Merrimack NH. Movers also offer professional packing services if necessary. 

two dumbbells on the ground
Find quality boxes to pack your gym equipment for a move

Larger pieces such as elliptical and treadmill   

It is time to pack your larger and heavier pieces of equipment. These would be elliptical and treadmill. Similar items are also included. This is how you should pack larger and heavier items. 

  • Disconnect all the wires from the wall 
  • Secure the wires  
  • Fold the treadmill up and lock it in its place 
  • Disassemble everything that you can 
  • Place it separately in the boxes 
  • Label the boxes 
  • Secure the bigger parts with moving blankets 

As you can see, it is important to disassemble your larger pieces. It is much easier to transport them in this way. However, some basis of the gym equipment cannot be disassembled. For this reason, you will only need to cover them with moving blankets or plastic covers. As mentioned, you can get all the packing supplies by yourself or buy them from moving companies Merrimack NH. It is always better to opt for professionals. 

Packing gym equipment for a move and transport 

The main point of packing your items properly would be to be protected during transport. Packing it is not enough. You also need to know how to properly load the moving truck. First of all, you need to put larger and heavier pieces of equipment first. However, you should never do it alone. You always need to have at least one more person to help you carry all these items. When you lift and carry heavy pieces of equipment, you need to do it properly. Use your knees instead of your back. In addition to this, you should also do some light stretching exercises before loading the moving truck. Since you are already doing fitness and exercising regularly, you will know how to do this properly. After you load all the heavy and larger parts, start with smaller packages. 

white truck
Make sure to load your items properly

All the tips and tricks 

As you can see, you have two options. You can always hire a moving company and let them pack everything. On the other hand, you can also use all the tips for packing gym equipment for a move. In any case, you need to make sure that you pack your equipment properly so they won’t get damaged during transport. If you opt for a moving company, then you can also get insurance. Almost every moving company offers basic insurance. This would not be enough to cover any damage if it happens. For this reason, it would be smart to get additional insurance that has better coverage. 

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